Commercial Throughways attract a high volume of pedestrians and visitors, and are also significant transportation corridors

Commercial throughways such as Van Ness Avenue or Divisadero Street move significant volumes of people across town in a variety of travel modes and attract them to shop, eat, and play from across the city. Vehicular traffic on these throughways tends to be relatively fast and continuous and transit service is often frequent. These streets should have a comfortable pedestrian realm with significant pedestrian amenities and public spaces.


Commercial ThroughwayVan Ness Avenue Typical Commercial Throughway SectionTypical Commercial Throughway Street Section



  • High levels of pedestrian activity
  • Desire for generous pedestrian environment and public realm
  • High volume and speed of through traffic
  • Important transit functions
  • Access needs for local businesses

Additional Guidelines

  • Tree grates should be considered in high pedestrian volume areas, where capital and maintenance budgets allow
  • For specific stormwater control measures, see Stormwater Overview


Standard Improvements

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Case by Case Additions

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Perpendicular or Angled Parking9. Perpendicular or Angled Parking


Typical Commercial Throughway Street Plan
Typical Commercial Throughway Street Plan (see above for Case by Case Additions)