Downtown residential streets often must be reformatted to create an appropriate living environment

As the city continues to experience economic and population growth, more areas in and adjacent to the downtown, such as Rincon Hill and South Beach, have come to share the density and intensity of the commercial areas of downtown.

These areas have high residential densities and large buildings. As these areas change to residential uses, the streets should be appropriate for residential living, with generous sidewalks, plantings, and furnishings. As many of these areas are deficient in open space, the streets should include places for neighbors to gather, relax, and recreate.


Downtown Residential StreetA downtown residential street in Rincon hill Typical Downtown Residential Street SectionTypical Downtown Residential Street Section



  • High levels of pedestrian activity
  • Need for increased public open space
  • High volume of through traffic

Additional Guidelines

  • Tree grates should be considered in high pedestrian volume areas, or where capital and maintenance budgets allow.
  • For specific stormwater control measures, see Stormwater Overview.


Standard Improvements

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Case by Case Additions

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Perpendicular or Angled Parking9. Perpendicular or Angled Parking

Typical Downtown Residential Street PlanTypical Downtown Residential Street Plan (See above for Case by Case Additions)