Residential throughways have high levels of fast-moving traffic with residential land uses

Residential throughways such as 19th Avenue, Guerrero, California, Oak and Fell Streets have high levels of fast-moving traffic with residential land uses. As such, they are often not designed to serve residential uses, and can be unpleasant to walk or live along.

Streetscape improvements should focus on buffering the sidewalk and adjacent homes from vehicles passing in the street and providing a generous, useable public realm through landscaping, curb extensions, or widened sidewalks where roadway space allows.


19th Avenue as an example of a residential throughway19th Avenue Typical Residential Throughway SectionTypical Residential Throughway Section



  • High volume and speed of through traffic
  • Need for increased public open space
  • Need for improved pedestrian buffering from through traffic
  • Frequent driveway cuts

Additional Guidelines

  • Special paving in furnishings zone and site furnishings should also be considered as capital and maintenance budgets allow.
  • For specific stormwater control measures, see Stormwater Overview.


Standard Improvements

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Case by Case Additions

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Perpendicular or Angled Parking9. Perpendicular or Angled Parking


Typical Residential Throughway PlanTypical Residential Throughway Plan (See above for Case by Case Additions)