Street Markets and farmers markets offer a variety of goods and community services, such as food, art, music, and play space. They often take place on the City’s streets by closing the street to vehicle travel, temporarily transforming a generally underutilized space into a lively, festive pedestrian marketplace.

Process Overview

Street Markets and other events that would temporarily or intermittently close a street to vehicular traffic must be approved by the Interdepartmental Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation (ISCOTT). ISCOTT meets twice a month to review temporary street closure permits for special events.

Temporary Street Closure Application

Depending on the nature of the goods sold, Street Markets may also require other City permits from other City departments, such as permits from the Department of Public Health (DPH) for prepared food or licenses to sell street art from the San Francisco Arts Commission Street Artists program.

Each vendor involved in the market is also required to have the appropriate health and vending permits.

See Street Food Vendors and Street Artists

If you are planning a Street Market in your neighborhood, reach out to your neighbors early on in the process.

See Building Neighborhood Support

Official Codes and Documents

Design Guidelines

Street markets must maintain a fire lane and adhere to other guidelines.

See ISCOTT Special Event Street Closure Map


Maintenance Responsibilities

The Temporary Street Closure Permit includes requirements for clean-up and insurance, which are the responsibility of the permit holder.

For a more detailed description of maintenance responsibilities, see Maintenance