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There is an ever-greater demand for bicycle parking in San Francisco. To address this demand, the City has begun to convert areas of the parking lane into bicycle parking areas, called “bike corrals,” to provide substantially more bicycle parking and reduce sidewalk congestion, particularly in heavily-used commercial areas. The SFMTA is responsible for installing bike corrals – interested parties can request a bike corral in their neighborhood by filling out a bike corral application.

Process Overview

The SFMTA accepts applications for bike corrals.

See SFMTA Bike Corral application

See Permit Process

Official Codes & Documents

Design Guidelines

Street types: All

Sidewalk zones: Extension Zone (parking lane)

Per the San Francisco Bicycle Plan, on-street vehicle parking spaces may be converted to bicycle parking. Bicycle parking may also be provided in the parking lane where there is not enough room to park a car, such as between driveways.

Bike racks should be placed such that parked bikes are perpendicular to the curb line. One 20 foot parking space can accommodate up to 12 bicycles on 6 U-racks without cluttering limited sidewalk space.

Where possible, bicycle parking should be built on a curb extension. Where implemented at the existing grade, the bike parking area should be protected from errant vehicles via a curb, bollards or other devices at the edge of the parking lane. On-street bicycle parking would preclude mechanical street sweeping, and additional maintenance should be accounted for.

Layout of a typical on-street bicycle parking space.

Layout of an on-street bicycle parking space (typical). On-street bicycle parking should be designed with racks perpendicular to the curb, and elements to protect bicycles and racks from errant drivers.




As street sweeping machines cannot reach behind bike corrals, and city crews are not able to sweep by hand, the SFMTA requires bike corral project sponsors such as merchants, property owners, or neighborhood groups to agree to keep the area clean and free of debris.

See SFMTA Bike Corral application

For a more detailed description of maintenance responsibilities, see Maintenance

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