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Street ‘Openings’ involve restricting vehicle use on a street and opening the entire right-of-way for public use by people walking, sitting, and enjoying the space. Street openings can either be event-based (e.g. street markets or block parties), temporary (e.g. daily or weekly for certain hours of the day), or permanent (a pedestrian-only street).

Regular or temporary street openings help to create attractive and lively public places that gain an identity as festive, people-oriented spaces. In times when they are less used, they can revert to allow vehicle use.

Temporary street openings are discussed on this page.

For permanent pedestrianizing of streets, see Street Openings – Pedestrian-Only Streets

For one-time or event-based pedestrianizing of streets, see Block Parties and Street Fairs and Street Markets

Process Overview

Regular of temporary street openings are typically created by merchant’s organizations, CBDs, or a collection of businesses along a particular block. Because they typically involve closure of all or a portion of a block to vehicle traffic for a certain time range, they are not typically created by individual businesses or property owners.

Regular or temporary street openings require a temporary street closure permit from the Interdepartmental Staff Committee on Traffic and Transportation (ISCOTT), and must be approved at an ISCOTT hearing.  ISCOTT meets twice a month to review temporary street closure permits for special events.

Temporary Street Closure Application

If Street Openings would also include café and restaurant seating, they also require outdoor café seating permits. See Outdoor Café and Restaurant Seating.

For full time closures of a street or alley; e.g. for the purpose of outdoor café and/or restaurant seating, approval from the MTA Commission and Board of Supervisors is also required.

See also Street Food Vendors and Street Artists

Official Codes and Documents

Design Guidelines

Temporary street openings must maintain a fire lane and adhere to other ISCOTT temporary street closure guidelines.

See ISCOTT Special Event Street Closure Map


Maintenance Responsibilities

The Temporary Street Closure Permit includes requirements for clean-up and insurance, which are the responsibility of the permit holder.

For a more detailed description of maintenance responsibilities, see Maintenance.