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Department of Public Works

Department of Public Works
Bureau of Street Use and Mapping
875 Stevenson Street, Room 460
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 554-5810

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Fixed pedestal newsracks can help to minimize streetscape clutter and make it easier for people to traverse our sidewalks by reducing the number of independent news racks on public sidewalks. Publications have the legal authority to place news racks on public sidewalks. Their placement is governed by the City’s News Rack Ordinance.

For more information, see DPW’s News Rack Program.

Process Overview

In May 2002, the Department of Public Works entered into a 20 year contract with Clear Channel Outdoors to place fixed pedestal newsracks in the public right-of-way. DPW administers the News Rack Program.

If you are interested in getting news racks installed in your neighborhood, contact DPW’s News Rack Program.

See Permit Process for more information.

Official Codes & Documents

Design Guidelines

Street types: In established Fixed Pedestal Zones. Downtown Commercial, Commercial Throughway, Neighborhood Commercial, Downtown Residential, Residential Throughway, Industrial, Mixed Use, Parkway, Park Edge, Multi-Way Boulevard, Ceremonial

Sidewalk zones: Extension Zone, Furnishing Zone, Frontage Zone

Fixed Pedestal Newsracks are designed in accordance to the contract between CCSF and Clear Channel Outdoors.

See Guidelines Regarding Regulations of News Racks for full list of required design features


Fixed pedestal newsracks are maintained by Clear Channel Outdoors.

To report damage or graffiti on news racks, call 311 or submit a service request.

For a more detailed description of general streetscape maintenance responsibilities, see Maintenance.

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