The cost of street improvements ranges from simple interventions such as adding a street tree or landscaping to full re-designs of an entire corridor, which can cost millions of dollars per block.

This page lists potential funding sources and technical assistance available to individuals and community groups for street improvements, from small to large scale projects


Resources for individual property owners, tenants, and merchants


Resources for community groups, merchants associations, business districts, and the like

Public Sector

In addition to the funding sources listed above, there are many federal, state, regional and local grant programs available to public sector agencies to fund street improvements. Please refer to the San Francisco County Transportation Authority’s website, Funding Opportunities, to learn more about San Francisco’s Proposition K transportation sales tax and a number of other funding opportunities.

For additional stormwater-related technical resources, see SFPUC Stormwater Design Guidelines page.

External Resources

These organizations provide resources for making street improvements.

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